The Farmfoods card is a great way of putting money aside to spend on your shopping or to give as a gift. It’s completely free but must be activated using a £1 minimum top up, after that you can top up as much or as little as you like! The card can be used and topped up in any of our stores, just ask at the checkout.

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Save Money

Build up savings to spread the cost of your shopping, you can start an account from as little as £1 and save as often as you like. Why not put your 'change' on your card whenever you shop with us?

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The perfect gift

It is perfect for many occasions including Christmas and Birthdays and is a great idea for students living away from home.


Our savings cards can be picked up in any of our stores and activated at the till for as little as £1. Should you need any help locating them in store, any member of staff will be happy to help.
The minimum value required to purchase a card is £1, after which you may top up by any amount you wish, up to £100 at a time. At present the maximum balance allowed on a card is £250.
Yes, you can add money to your card whenever you wish and there is no minimum value after the initial purchase.
You can top up your card at any Farmfoods checkout, either as part of a sale or as a separate transaction. Payment can be made with either cash or a credit / debit card.
No, Farmfoods card top ups will not be included in the minimum spend for Farmfoods money off vouchers; you can, of course, use your vouchers when making a payment with the card.
You can check your balance at any Farmfoods checkout; additionally, if your card is swiped during a transaction a statement is printed at the bottom of your receipt.
No, there is no limit on how many times you use your card.
Yes, for accounting reasons only, if the card has not been used for 24 consecutive months any remaining balance will be deducted.
Please contact our Customer Service team using the details provided in the Contact Us section.